Consider this… God has a plan for our lives up until the moment we take our final breath! I saw a story recently on a morning news shows about a dear lady of ninety-six years who volunteers at a local ministry that provides supplies to moms with newborns and infants. This woman, just shy of her 100th birthday is an active and vibrant part of this community, lending her talent at the sewing machine in service to others. The woodpile theologian’s grandmother lived to eighty-nine and GREAT grandmother to one hundred! He often talks about both and their faith and influence on his life. These women were active in faith and service for years way beyond retirement age. These are living examples of the ultimate servant, Jesus Christ.

Our culture focuses on youth and the maintenance of youthful appearance, especially for women. It seems that aging is something to be avoided at all costs. I wonder what this dear ninety-six-year-old or the grandmothers would have to say about that! Of course, the effects of aging, aches, slower movement, etc. are part of life. But that does not mean it invalidates our message or acts of service. There have been many times when I felt God’s nudge towards a new direction requiring a step of faith. My response is “I’m too old” along with a litany of other excuses. He seems to say to me in those times of my doubt, “I called Moses when he was eighty, so what’s your point?” OK Lord, checkmate!

God calls us in HIS timing – not ours. Some examples of older servants from the Bible, along with Moses, include: Abraham (Gen. 14), Sarah (Gen. 18), Elizabeth (Lk. 1), Anna and Simeon (Lk.4) to name a few. Abraham and Sarah did not believe God, but He still used them to birth a nation of His beloved people. Elizabeth bore the “one crying in the wilderness” to proclaim the coming of the Savior of the World. Anna, though widowed for most of her life, spent her life into her old age in the temple and was privileged to see the Messiah. Simeon never gave up hope for the word God had spoken and was also given the chance to investigate the face of Glory!

Truly, God’s call to us as Christians is to engage the world at every age, every day.