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Unopened Gifts

December is gift giving season. We make a list of family, friends and loved ones who we want to bless with something special. Then the hunt begins. Or maybe we don’t make a list at all. Instead we scroll through Amazon or walk through the local mall looking for something [...]

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Putting Out the Welcome Mat

This time of year, we begin to think about things we are thankful for. Family and friends usually at top the list. For Christians Thanksgiving is a day we remember all of the things God has given to us over the past year. While the third Thursday of November is [...]

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Witch Mission

Witches become popular this time of year. Pointed hats and broomsticks are caricatures that are familiar to most of us. One example is found in the Wizard of Oz. The wicked witch of the west, complete with black attire, pointed hat, green skin and a broomstick, had a crystal ball where [...]

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How to know a Ghost

October is the month we think about Autumn in full force. Markets and roadside stands are full of pumpkins, gourds and mums. Apple season is in high gear and the weather begins to cool off. Our calendars may include Fall festivals, trick or treat and Halloween. October 31 is associated [...]

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Complaining to God: Not our Mission

You may remember this story from Exodus 16 that tells about the Israelites whining to Moses, complaining to God. The nation of Israel had just miraculously crossed the Red Sea and witnessed the destruction of Pharaoh’s army (Ex. 14: 26-31). Now they were grumbling about no longer having the food [...]

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Age: Not an Excuse for Christians

Consider this… God has a plan for our lives up until the moment we take our final breath! I saw a story recently on a morning news shows about a dear lady of ninety-six years who volunteers at a local ministry that provides supplies to moms with newborns and infants. [...]

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Missio Dei: The Mission of God, Every Day

Mission can describe a task to complete, a military campaign, a physical place or something Christians are supposed to be involved in. Most churches talk about mission as social services aimed at alleviating poverty, suffering, etc. This includes work in the local community as well as in other places. Historically, [...]

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Eternity: Yesterday and Today

Consider this… no matter what our faith tradition or belief system, life as we know it on earth is temporary, and eternity waits beyond what we see and touch. Just look at the recent photos from the Hubble Telescope of the vast expanses of space! My husband had an interesting [...]

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