You may remember this story from Exodus 16 that tells about the Israelites whining to Moses, complaining to God. The nation of Israel had just miraculously crossed the Red Sea and witnessed the destruction of Pharaoh’s army (Ex. 14: 26-31). Now they were grumbling about no longer having the food they were used to in Egypt. Did they forget they were slaves there complaining to God, crying out for Him to deliver them? Because of their continued disobedience to God they roamed the wilderness for 40 years, eating the same thing (manna and quail, Ex. 16: 35). Not the mission God had planned for them.

The story continues in Numbers 11. God’s people react to the greedy “rabble” among them (people who tagged along when they left Egypt) and get caught up in their selfish desires for what they had in Egypt. The complaining and self-pity became so bad that Moses had to intervene with God to spare them. Moses responded to the situation by complaining to God about the mission he’s been given to the nation of Israel (Num. 11: 10-15). Had they forgotten all that God had done for them? The deliverance God provided and the miracles they had witnessed?

Consider this…We ask God for help. He graciously supplies what we NEED. But, before long, we forget the miracle. We find ourselves complaining to God about what we don’t have, or our latest situation. Many times, the influences of the world around us, the “rabble,” make us doubt. We question God, His provision, His goodness. Soon we are complaining to God again, full of self-pity, thinking we deserve more! We may even tell God that this is not our mission.

Thankfully we remember that God has the ultimate plan for us. Through the grace given us through our faith in Christ we can confess our sin, ask for forgiveness and hit the reset button! Our everyday mission is to tune out the “rabble” of this world and remember the goodness of God in EVERY circumstance. When we do that, we shine the glory of God in places where it may be needed most. This is our everyday mission!