Consider this…has this ever happened to you? You put the bread in the toaster, or haul the vacuum cleaner out of the closet, push the tab down for toast or flip the on switch…and nothing. You may have been busy working on the rest of breakfast and returned to the toaster expecting your toast to pop any second. The vacuum cleaner doesn’t start; nothing happens. You’re puzzled for a second and then it hits you…well it would help if I put the plug in the outlet! No connection to power means nothing is going to happen. This was the woodpile theologian’s recent response about the importance of our connection to the Holy Spirit.

This is a great illustration for my passion for discussing the study of the Holy Spirit especially in our everyday lives outside of the church. We often get caught up in our routines of work, family, upkeep around the house. But have we ever thought about how the routine might be different if we remember to plug into the power source, the ever-present Spirit of Christ? How would our lives change? The Holy Spirit is promised by Jesus. Not only is it a personal gift, but something God intends for us to use within the community of faith. The indwelling Holy Spirit connects us with other Christians.

The woodpile theologian says we are all handed a power cord and plug, the potential to connect with the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. This provides us the opportunity to complete our God-given task and be connected with others. The choice is ours…will we plug into the power source, the Holy Spirit within, as a means of connecting with our sisters and brothers in Christ? Or will we remain unplugged, unable to serve Christ and others with our gifts? God provides us with a never-ending source of power that is not dependent on a power grid or local service provider. No, he intends for us to recognize that our spirits are connected as a means of living out the kingdom of God until Christ returns – this is our Everyday Mission.