December is gift giving season. We make a list of family, friends and loved ones who we want to bless with something special. Then the hunt begins. Or maybe we don’t make a list at all. Instead we scroll through Amazon or walk through the local mall looking for something that “hits” us as the perfect gift for someone. Either way we are excited to find something hoping that the receiver will like it! We stash our wrapped treasures in closets or under the tree. They remain unopened until Christmas day arrives. We wonder and wait for the reaction when they are finally opened.

Of course, our gift giving reflects the greatest gift of all. Jesus came to us in human form as the very best gift of love. Without the joy of his birth, there would be no hope for salvation through His resurrection. And there are other gifts for us too, spiritual ones. Jesus promises to send the Holy Spirit (John 14 & 16) that will empower us to complete our mission. The spiritual gifts are given to EVERY person who accepts the free gift of salvation and becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ. Imagine the excitement Jesus must feel as he selects gifts for each one of his beloved children! These gifts are given to us with the intent that we will use them to bless the church and the world; that is our mission. Our gifts fit together with the rest of the body of Christ for our good and for his glory.

Let’s think for a minute about something else. How do we feel when our gifts are rejected or for some reason go unopened? When we leave our spiritual gifts unopened, we cannot use them as Jesus intended. How sad it must be for Him to watch us ignore or even reject the exact thing he has picked out just for us. He wants to share in our joy as we receive His gift, respond with excitement, eagerly accept it and want to learn how to use it to accomplish the mission he has given us as part of His body, the church!

If you have a relationship with Jesus, don’t leave his gifts unopened in your life. Find out what they are and share in his blessing and excitement!
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